Carnival of Pen, Pencil & Paper #18

Here we are with another Carnival of Pen, Pencil & Paper. It’s an interesting selection this month– I think the notebook people need to step it up a bit as far more of our submissions tend to be about pens! But there’s a great variety of pen articles that made for interesting reading, so I’m not complaining! Also, there were a few submissions that aren’t 100% on-topic as they aren’t about the pens, pencils and paper themselves, but rather the artworks created with them… but what the heck, I decided to add them under a new “artworks” category. Now, on to this month’s submissions…

Editor’s Picks:

Clement Dionglay presents Notepad Review: Rhodia dotPad posted at Rants of the Archer. I loved all the colorful inks tested here, with lots of close-ups!
CynthiaNiklas presents Sexy Pens: 8 Pens with Alluring Style and Design posted at Journaling Arts. Wow, this is quite a collection of unusual pen styles, including a Bugatti pen that costs $15,000!

notebooks & paper

travisthetrout presents Uses for Notebooks: My 2011 Food Diary posted at Notes in a Book.
Millie presents Product review: Pineapple paper posted at Planet Millie, saying, “A review of paper made with pineapples! Very nice to write on with fountain pens!”

pens & inks

Clement Dionglay presents Ink Review: Diamine Majestic Blue posted at Rants of the Archer.

Cheryl from Writer’s Bloc presents Using Fountain Pens and Calligraphy Pens as Highlighters posted at Writer’s Bloc Blog.

Clement Dionglay presents Fountain Pen Review: Lamy Nexx posted at Rants of the Archer.
Tom Oddo presents TWSBI Diamond 530 Fountain Pen Review posted at Goldspot Pens, saying, “The TWSBI Diamond 530 is not a household name brand pen, but it certainly should be a pen that every fountain pen enthusiast should own. You find out why in my extensive review.”
Note Booker, Esq presents Do you match up pen and ink colors? posted at Note Booker, Esq..
Margana presents Custom Nibs And Expectations posted at An Inkophile’s Blog, saying, “Fountain pens have the fantastic ability to be modified by reshaping the nib or tip. Most often done by a professional, it is a terrific way to make your fountain pen truly unique.”

artworks created with pen, pencil and paper

P Thompson presents I Want a Kick Ass Scanner! posted at 100 to Draw:.
Nicole Elena Robertson presents Christmas silliness posted at Nicole Elena Robertson, saying, “A portrait for a friend done in pencil, pen, and watercolor.”
Lisa Rau presents The Glory of Love posted at Square Syndrome, saying, “Lyrics, Sharpie, soft leather-bound, uplifting heartbreak.”
Thanks for submitting, everyone!
The next edition of the carnival of pen, pencil and paper will be hosted by Notes in a Book. You can submit a post using our carnival submission form. More info about the carnival can be found on our blog carnival index page or here.

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