Notebook Addict of the Week: Amanda

This week’s addict emailed me lots of photos of her notebooks, with the comments below: The photos I have show 32 of my absolute favorites, minus the drawers I have dedicated to course notebooks and other larger ones.The titles should be fairly exclamatory regarding what’s in each image.  In the sketchbooks, there are two graph […]

Reader Questions

It’s time yet again to crowdsource some of the “help me find this notebook” pleas I get, as well as some other tidbits from the mailbag: Zachary wonders “is it wrong that I saw the movie Thor over the weekend and left realizing I really wanted to find out what type of notebook Natalie Portman’s […]

Review: Pentalic Illustrator’s Sketchbook

The Pentalic Illustrator’s Sketchbook is a nice little notebook I found at Lee’s Art Supply in New York several months ago. It’s very basic, and in some ways hard to distinguish from other Moleskine clones, but it does have a few interesting points of differentiation. The paper wrapper is a translucent vellum. The cover material is […]

Moleskine Monday: The Problem

This blogger loves Moleskines but has a couple of problems with them: he finds the paper too thin, and feels they are sometimes “too nice” to be used. But he’s fighting against that: Notebooks should be used, that’s what they are there for. This is plain paper, put something on it and turn the page. […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Dave

Dave has been featured here before: Slow Boat’s Chinese Notebooks. It turns out his collection of Asian notebooks goes much further, including these quirky finds!       See more notebook photos and commentary at Dave’s blog, Slow Boat. Thanks for sharing these, Dave!

The Notebook of an Autistic Artist

The New York Times recently published an extensive profile of an autistic young man and his struggles to function more independently as an adult in the working world. His ambition is to be an illustrator and animator– below are some photos of the amazing little drawings he does in the composition book he carries with […]

Inside Mattie’s Notebook

Isn’t this gorgeous? See more, including the (als0 gorgeous) final paintings she makes based on studies like this, at :: Mattie’s Online Painting & Photography Studio ::.

Moleskine Monday: Homage To Shakespeare

Here’s a Moleskine page that’s gone viral: I knew about some of these, but others were a surprise! Time to go back and study Shakespeare, I guess! Read more at Things We Say Today And Owe To Shakespeare : The Two-Way : NPR.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Milagritos9

This week’s addict was found on Flickr, with a colorful selection of Filofaxes and other notebooks:         I love her color-themed collections! See more at My Journals, Diaries and Notebooks – a set on Flickr.

“Do you have a notebook?”

I was in a job interview once, and the prospective employer asked what seemed to me to be a most obvious question: “Do you have a notebook?” “Why of course, sir,” I said, holding up the proud Moleskine imitation I had in my hand. “Right here.” The man laughed. “Old school,” he said. “I meant, […]