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John Vernon Lord’s Notebooks

I must have missed this Brainpickings article when it was originally published in 2014, but I’m glad I discovered it via Pinterest! Artist John Vernon Lord created amazing illustrations to accompany James Joyce‘s Finnegans Wake in a collectible edition published by the Folio Society (now out of stock, alas). The illustrations are stunning, but of … Continue reading John Vernon Lord’s Notebooks

Gift Books for Notebook Lovers

I have quite a collection of books about sketchbooks and notebooks and stationery. Here are a few of my favorites that you might want to consider as a gift for the notebook lover who has everything… for yourself, that is!

Mom’s Manga Sketchbook

Japanese manga artist Haruka Komowata discovered that her mother was also a talented illustrator when these 50 year old sketchbooks turned up! Professional manga artist learns that talent runs in the family. Read more: Japanese mom’s sketchbook of amazing anime character designs from 50 years ago amazes daughter | SoraNews24

Saul Steinberg’s Wooden Notebooks

I visited the National Gallery in Washington DC not long ago, where there were many interesting things to see, including a room full of Saul Steinberg’s art. I was familiar with some of his work, such as the famous aerial view of the world from New York City that appeared on the cover of the … Continue reading Saul Steinberg’s Wooden Notebooks

Davide Bonazzi’s Sketchbooks

Great drawings from Bologna-based illustrator Davide Bonazzi: “I confess I’m not the kind of artist who absolutely needs a sketchbook when he travels. Mostly I just enjoy traveling light, keeping my eyes wide open and taking pics. I used to keep sketchbooks when I was a student, and later I enjoyed doing sketches on my … Continue reading Davide Bonazzi’s Sketchbooks

Antonio Lopez’s Journal

An absolutely gorgeous page from a journal belonging to Antonio Lopez, a Puerto Rican fashion illustrator whose work is being celebrated with an exhibition at the Museo del Barrio in New York. I love the mix of elements on this page– the old fashioned ledger with numbers and notes then covered by these elegant drawings… … Continue reading Antonio Lopez’s Journal

Notebook Addict of the Week: Eryck Webb

This week’s addict is an illustrator graphic designer who has been keeping sketchbooks for years. Some of these go back to his college days. More recently, he fills about one sketchbook a year, and likes to decorate the covers. They look fantastic, inside and out! Read more at: 2015 Sketchbook: Latest In A Long Tradition … Continue reading Notebook Addict of the Week: Eryck Webb

Magma Sketchbooks

The Magma sketchbooks are an interesting combination of blank sketchbook and reference guide. They are available in various formats for different creative disciplines such as fashion and architecture, each containing pages with handy information relating to that field. The whole series is available at Amazon.

Tips for Keeping a Sketchbook

Here’s a post with some great tips and inspiration for keeping a sketchbook, from illustrator Chad Townsend: How to Keep a Sketchbook. From the article: What to carry: Nothing fancy! It doesn’t have to be a high dollar sketchbook. Remember, you’re going to wreck it anyway. What you DO need is something small and portable … Continue reading Tips for Keeping a Sketchbook