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Review: Papier Tigre Notebook

Papier Tigre is a super-cool French brand of office supplies, including recycled notebooks that I’d seen online but never encountered in person, so I was very excited when NoteMaker in Australia gave me the opportunity to review a free sample.

The notebook I received has a lovely composition book look to it, but with a twist. The spine is taped, but the cover has a large mottled color pattern, as if a traditional composition book had been magnified and colorized. The notebook is smaller and in slightly different proportions than a composition book, measuring 15x21cm.

Papier Tigre - 1

The front cover has a box where you could write your name or the subject of the notebook. The back cover has a gold-stamped Papier Tigre logo.

Papier Tigre - 2

Inside, you get 3 signatures of paper, each in a different shade– light yellow lined pages, grey lined pages, and lighter grey plain pages. The cover and inside pages are made of 100% recycled paper, and you can see the colored fibers in the paper.

Papier Tigre - 3Papier Tigre - 7Papier Tigre - 8

The sewn signatures are glued into the spine so the notebook doesn’t quite open flat.

Papier Tigre - 4

The paper is pleasant to write on– not as smooth as some, but it has a nice softness to it. Based on the feel, I expected there to be a lot of bleed-through but there wasn’t– very slight bleed with a couple of pens, but the Super Sharpie bled much less than usual. Show-through was better than average. The paper reminded me of the Leonardo notebook I reviewed several years ago.

Papier Tigre - 5Papier Tigre - 6

The notebook I received is available at NoteMaker for a little over $15 USD. Other designs and sizes are also available.

If you are thinking you can’t afford the shipping to order from an Australia-based online retailer, think again: right now NoteMaker is offering Free shipping for International orders (delivery outside Australia) for any purchase over AUD$199. And if you think that sounds like a high minimum order, think again– it’s only about $150 USD at current exchange rates as of this writing, and they have so much drool-worthy merchandise– notebooks, pens, pencils, office accessories, bags– you will have a hard time spending any less!

Japanese Stationery

If, like me, you are dying to go to Japan to explore its stationery stores, you will enjoy the vicarious journey provided by this article and its luscious photographs. Enjoy!

Source: Japan: Paradise for Stationery Lovers



Kim Jong Un Visits Dandelion Notebook Factory

Notebooks make everyone happy, even Kim Jong Un!

SEOUL, April 18 (UPI) — Kim Jong Un visited a North Korean stationery factory, his first field guidance visit to a civilian site in three weeks, according to state news agency KCNA. The plant was newly constructed and manufactures mostly notebooks for school use.

Read more at: Kim Jong Un visits Dandelion Notebook Factory – UPI.com

Almost a Year of the Hobonichi Techo

From The Finer Point, beautiful photos of a Hobonichi Techo planner, after 10 months of daily use:

“The Hobonichi Techo has been the one stationery constant in my life this year. I use it every day to record things that have happened, places I have visited and big occasions that I want to remember. I am now 10 months in and I have only missed a handful of days. This post is a round-up of the good and the bad of the Techo and my plans for next year….

…as you use the planner over the course of the year the ink changes the make up of the tomoe river paper. You get this gorgeous rippling effect on the paper and the planner expands just slightly accommodating the ink on the page. I have noticed now writing in October, 10 months in, the planner has expanded over the course of the year to the point that maximising the space on the left page is becoming a bit of a challenge.”

Seeing that broken in, bulked-up planner makes me want to give my Hobonichi a try! I’ve had it stashed away (and it’s not for the current year) but maybe it’s time to break it out…

Source: 10 months in with the Hobonichi Techo – final thoughts — The Finer Point

Found via The Cramped

Japanese Stationery Magazines (and Giveaway!)

japanese stationery mags08japanese stationery mags01

I don’t remember how I first heard that there was such a thing as Japanese stationery magazines, and I’m not even sure if “magazine” is the right word for them. The first one I’d heard of was a series of numbered volumes called “Note and Diary Style Book.” I searched for them on Amazon Japan, and printed out the results. I brought it to the Kinokuniya Bookstore in Manhattan, which has a huge selection of Japanese books and magazines. The first time I went, the sales clerk said “Wow, we don’t carry these, but we really should!” Given Kinokuniya’s large stationery department, I quite agreed.

When I went back and asked again recently, I had better luck. The clerk said they did not have the exact ones listed on Amazon, but she showed me a few similar items, and I bought these ones. One of them seems to be a compilation of the best notebook, pen and stationery products of the year. The other one seems more like a magazine with feature pages on different stationery stores and pen manufacturers. They are sort of like catalogs, or perhaps trade journals for the Japanese stationery and pen industry. There are pages in the one with no English title that list various stationery stores. The MonoMax one seems more catalog-like, so I wondered if MonoMax might be a store, but from a little googling, it seems like it’s a magazine that covers various products. From browsing at Kinokuniya, I’ve noticed that there seem to be a lot of Japanese magazines that focus on fashion and accessories, sometimes a single product like backpacks, with just tons and tons of photos of various backpacks that are trendy in Japan. I can’t really think of any American equivalent that so single-mindedly hones in on a single product. We have some magazines with pretty specific topics for niche audiences, especially in terms of trade journals, but I don’t think we have any consumer magazines that just showcase backpacks! As for notebooks and pens, there is a magazine called Pen World, and trade journals called “Stationery” (may be defunct now as last issue I could find is over a year old) and “Stationery Trends,” but “Stationery Magazine” is Japanese.

Anyway, here’s some of the eye-candy from within these two publications. If anyone can read Japanese and can add more explanation, please do so in the comments! I will also give these two magazines away if anyone wants them. I’ll select two random winners from any comments on this post that express interest in the giveaway. The deadline to comment and enter is Friday July 10, 2015 at 11:59 Eastern time.


japanese stationery mags15japanese stationery mags14japanese stationery mags13japanese stationery mags11japanese stationery mags10japanese stationery mags09



japanese stationery mags07japanese stationery mags06

japanese stationery mags05japanese stationery mags04japanese stationery mags03japanese stationery mags02


Notebook Addict of the Week: Clara

I stumbled across this week’s addict in her blog post celebrating National Stationery Day in 2012, where she lists a few of her favorite items, including, of course, notebooks!



Moleskine notebooks, great piles of them: black for Proper Writing, occasionally red for moments of wild frivolity. Sometimes, if a story is going badly, I convince myself that the notebook paper isn’t QUITE the right shade of off-white, or the right thickness, so I rush out and buy a pile more.”



“Little notebooks for my bag (getting smaller and smaller if I lack confidence in what I’m writing in them)…”

See more at I’ll show you mine… | Sunny side up!.

1911 Catalogue of Stationery

This is extremely cool: a catalog from 1911, featuring all manner of notebooks and other stationery. The only thing that could be cooler would be if you could find some forgotten warehouse that still had all these products in stock!

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 6.00.16 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 6.00.29 PM


Flip through the whole catalog at Catalogue of stationery : section no. 1, blank …. It goes way beyond notebooks and ledgers– there are pencils, pens, writing papers, and school supplies. A real treat!


Found via  the Quo Vadis blog.


NY Now Gift Show

Last week, I was able to visit the NY Now Gift Show for the first time. It’s quite an extravaganza– the whole Javits Center filled with vendors showing off housewares, crafts, and all manner of gifty items. If you’ve ever bought a stationery item or a candle or a pillow, or any of a million other things, the store you bought it at might have decided to stock that item because they saw it at this gift show or one of the other regional versions of it.

I work in publishing, so I was theoretically there to help at my own company’s booth and check out the books, but luckily, most of the book publishers were in an area of the show floor that also featured quite a few stationery products. I snapped a few photos before someone told me it was frowned upon for people with exhibitor badges to do so. This seemed very odd to me, as you’d think even other exhibitors would be seen as potential customers– that is certainly how the book publishing industry looks at it. But I guess with gift items, people are more afraid that you’ll steal their idea and sell it more cheaply than they do! Anyway, here’s a few things that caught my eye.

First, some of the lovely Ogami notebooks, with paper made out of stone. I don’t think I’ve seen the larger spiral ones in stores yet.

ny now giftshow9

I just loved these mushroom notebooks, from Gift Republic. They had some other really nice designs too– these were my favorite thing at the show that I’d never seen before. I hope we’ll see them on lots of store shelves soon!

ny now giftshow8

Colorful designs by Calypso:

ny now giftshow7

Some fun-looking journals:

ny now giftshow6

Great to see Michael Roger’s Decomposition Book line continuing to expand with fun new designs and sizes.

ny now giftshow4

Cute little spiral-bound notebooks from Knock-Knock:

ny now giftshow3

Rifle Paper Co.‘s line of Garance Doré stationery:

ny now giftshow2

More from Rifle Paper Co.:

ny now giftshow1


I enjoyed getting to see all these beautiful products on display– there was so much to see even though notebooks and stationery were only a small part of what the Gift Show had to offer. I’m not sure I could even handle going to Paper World or the Stationery Show— it would be total overload!

Vintage Office Supplies

I recently went to a wonderful little stationery store in Montclair, New Jersey, a lovely town not far from NYC. The shop, which is just called “Montclair Stationery,” is a bit of a time warp, as it harks back to the days when most towns’ main street had an independent stationery store that carried a little of everything. And this shop not only has a little of everything, some of its everythings have probably been on the shelves for decades! I bought a couple of notebooks there, and their notebook selection was pretty good, but not as exciting as all the vintage staples! I couldn’t resist taking photos of all these wonderful old boxes of staples and staplers that are all probably long out of production. Even if they’re still made, you know the packaging is nowhere near as cool now!

vintage staples1 vintage staples2 vintage staples3 vintage staples4 vintage staples5

If you’re ever in the area, please stop by this lovely little shop. I’m so glad they haven’t been put out of business by Staples and Amazon, and hope they never will be!

Palimpsest’s Stationery Store Series

The blogger at Palimpsest does us all a great service with a fantastic series of posts about favorite stationery shops around the world, mostly in Europe. Each is well-documented with photos:

Evripidis in Athens, Greece:

Pen to Paper in Brighton, UK:

I love visiting stationery shops when I travel. Even though the major brands like Moleskine and Clairefontaine are globally ubiquitous, there are always some local gems that you won’t see just anywhere. I’d love to compile a list of the best places to buy notebooks in countries around the world– please share your favorites in the comments!