Moleskine Monday: Grand Central Terminal Centennial

A Moleskine book to commemorate the 100th anniversary of NYC’s Grand Central Terminal, which opened on February 2, 1913.

The book features winners of a drawing competition sponsored by the Architectural League and the New York Transit Museum, including these:

Nicholas Venezia

Christine Zavesky


See more at The Architectural League of New York | A Centennial Sketchbook for Grand Central Terminal.

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One Response to “Moleskine Monday: Grand Central Terminal Centennial”

  1. Very cool link, nifty, thank you. NPR has been running a variety of fascinating stories about Grand Central Terminal for weeks and I have heard The New Yorker magazine will have a feature article soon.

    I had some fun exploring the New York transit museum online gift shop. Great tshirts, mugs and metal artifacts like tokens and grab handles.

    The molie (sure to be a necessary item for anyone who has spent a few hours in Grand Central) is about $30 including shipping and here’s a direct link:

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