Notebook Addict of the Week: Aurelia

This week’s addict emailed me from France to show off this lovely annotated photograph of part of her colorful collection:

I wanted to send you my notebooks, but not all my collections “only” the one I use for the moment !
1. ideas book
2. Craft projects
3. What to see/to do/to buy when I’ll travel in the USA
4. Passwords book
5. Blog ideas
6. Wedding inspirations
7. Citation book
8. Scrapbooking projects
9. Job projects
10. Art Photography Projects
11. Project life diary
12. Project life
13. Notebook
14. Baby n°1 diary
15. Baby n°2 diary
16. Diary
sans titre-8406 copy


I was curious about #14 and 15– nice colors, and I liked the chunky shape. Aurelia tells me they are from a collection called Quo Vadis Memoriae, which unfortunately don’t seem to be part of the US product line, but are available in Europe and the UK.
Thanks/Merci for sharing your addiction, Aurelia!

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