Notebook Addict of the Week: Marc Johns

This week’s addict is addicted to making his own sketchbooks, and lots of them:

On his blog, Marc says

“I’ve been making my own sketchbooks for at least six years now. I’ve filled up dozens and dozens of them. Most are made from lettersized paper, cut in three, then folded over. This is the ideal size to fit inside my back pocket.”

He also goes on to point out that it’s great to have sketchbooks that are cheap enough that you aren’t afraid to mistakes. There are lots more images of the covers and insides, full of wonderfully scratchy, scrappy, awesome art!

See more at Marc Johns: I make my own sketchbooks.

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One Response to “Notebook Addict of the Week: Marc Johns”

  1. I like that the covers are titled or doodled on. “Musings” is an appropriate name.

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