How Small Is Your Sketchbook?

What’s your preferred sketchbook size? I do often draw in 3.5 x 5.5″ sketchbooks, but I often worry that it’s constraining. It’s harder to be “loose” sometimes when you’re working in a small bound book– but maybe that’s just my issue! Gabi Campanario of Urban Sketchers is working in an even smaller sketchbook and it’s very loose and spontaneous, with a sense of space on the page.

See more small sketches at Urban Sketchers: Small sketchbook, great action.

3 thoughts on “How Small Is Your Sketchbook?”

  1. I tried using Field Notes which are pocket sized. I moved up to Rhodia webbie in A5. Though I like the idea of thumbnail sketches. When I was in Poland in 1987 (yes, I am OLD), they were still communist and used anything they could get. They could make the most detailed drawings in the smallest of spaces.

  2. 3×5 Ellis Elastic Eccolo Pocket Notebook
    They only have lined sheets but I sketch and collage on them.

    There’s just something special about a smaller notebook. It’s portable and feels more secretive.

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