Modified Note Pad

Here’s another amusing item from my childhood collection:

This started out as a simple plain notepad, the kind with glued-together pages and a cardboard backing. They came as a pack of 3 that were meant to be separated, but I liked the chunky thickness so I left them all together. I decorated the first page with some snazzy rainbow designs and decided to keep it as a cover, folding it back when I wanted to access further pages.

I was obviously being very productive at that time, with a whole page of crossed-off to-dos!
Most interesting is the slight modification this notebook required– I found the shape a bit too tall, so I sliced a small amount off the bottom edge, which was left a bit ragged. I guess in this particular instance I thought 3 x 4.75″ was a more pleasing shape than 3 x 5.

I didn’t write much more in this notepad– I think it was just one of the ones I liked to hold sometimes, and was afraid to spoil by actually using it.

One thought on “Modified Note Pad”

  1. I like it. Incidentally I wonder how common it is to buy notebooks and not use them, or hardly use them. They can be so appealing in their unused state, and that is why I have quite a few which I have never used. In a work context it is different, I find, and I do churn through notebooks, usually larger format ones.

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