Penguin Notebook Spotting!

The other day, I noticed someone using one of these Penguin journals, which I’d previously posted about:

I was all excited, as I’ve never seen them for sale anywhere and all the online sources for buying them are based in the UK and it would cost a fortune to get one. While searching, I also stumbled across this version, which I hadn’t seen before:

I totally want it, but not for $35 including shipping!

The spotting occurred in the middle of a meeting with lots of other people, so I couldn’t ask the owner where she bought the notebook. But otherwise I would have, even though I might have felt a bit self-conscious about it. If she was a true notebook fan, I’m sure she would have understood my interest and appreciation. But what if someone just gave it to her as a gift and she couldn’t care less about what she uses to take notes in a meeting? Maybe she’d think I was weird!

Do you ever ask people about the notebooks they are using?

5 thoughts on “Penguin Notebook Spotting!”

  1. I’m in the UK and have seen the Penguin notebooks about. If you really wanted one I could try getting you one and sending it over. Instead of charging I could maybe think of something available in the US that you could get and send over here. Swap shop!

  2. i’m a sucker for a penguin. swoon!

    I do ask people about their notebooks, paper, and pen choices. Some think I’m weird, some know it. 😉

  3. if u like the penguin notebooks then you will love the ladybird notebooks which consist of classic covers from the ladybird book series

  4. I use the ‘Wuthering Heights’ notebook to write ideas for my forthcoming collection of poetry I am working on, based on my life as a 4hr-a-day train commuter. They’re beautiful notebooks, and delicious to write on with a Bic Medium biro.

  5. Just a quick boo – they are now available in Canada – I know, I sell them in my bookstore ($ 14.99).

    If interested please contact me – or at least be encouraged they have come to North America! 🙂

    (also on Facebook as Jade *W* Books)

    PS – I apologise for posting my business if frowned upon – I’ve been trying for over a year to find a Cndn supplier myself (I have customers who are huge Penguin fans) and am so glad I finally found one!)

    And Anonymous – thanks for the tip about Ladybird journals – I’ll look for those next! 🙂

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