New Moleskine Diaries for 2010

Ooh, can’t wait for these! According to a press release on, there are some neat new planners coming for next year:

Moleskine Color a Month Daily Diary Box Set: 12-months: one color per month
Packed in an elegant black case with elastic strap, each of the notebooks in this series of twelve is a different color–one color for each month of the year. The interior of each notebook features lined pages that delineate hours so that appointments, meetings, and notes are easy to decipher. Lightweight and easy to carry, the rich, deep reds, vibrant greens, and cool blues of the notebooks make them instantly distinguishable. Packed in an elegant black case with an elastic strap that can easily transform into an archive of the year’s thoughts, this set also includes transparent label stickers with month numbers and names for easy customization.

Moleskine’s new Project Planner is the perfect tool for planning, organizing, and keeping track of both longterm and short-term projects. The diary features a soft black cover and 52 accordion-style pages with lined and graphed pages — creating the ideal forum for tracking the progress of professional, business, and artistic projects over the course of a year.

The Panoramic Diary offers a fresh way to look at the workweek. Unlike other daily and weekly planners, the Panoramic Diary is used vertically instead of horizontally and graphically represents one week on two pages, with each week’s view, a full month “snapshot” is also shown in the lower right hand corner. Space on the right-hand side of the book also includes room for “to do” lists, notes, and more.

Moleskine’s first-ever Desk Calendar artfully re-imagines the notebook’s iconic and well-loved details in an entirely new format. The calendar’s hard black cover folds back to turn into a stand and features an elastic strap for secure closure. The daily detachable pages count down the days of the year and include lines for writing down thoughts, ideas, inspirations, daily events, appointments, and more. An inner pocket neatly stores the “days” to remember.

Moleskine “Artist’s cover” Diaries – Martí Guixé – Limited Edition 12-months MartÍ Guixé, the provocative Barcelona and Berlin-based designer, whom had participated in the Detour Moleskine Project in Paris in 2008, was selected to create the inaugural Moleskine Artist Collection Diaries. Guixé’s first project for Moleskine is a series of weekly and daily planners for 2010 in both large and pocket sizes. The notebooks’ playful, hand-drawn graphic is carried over from the front to the back of each notebook, bringing the designer’s distinctive aesthetic to the iconic Moleskine notebook. Each planner features a leather cover and is available in either basic black or vibrant red.

I am excited about the color-a-month set, and the project planner is intriguing. I’m not so sure about that desk calendar, though!

(Thanks to Moleskinerie for pointing out the relaunch of the Moleskine website.)

6 thoughts on “New Moleskine Diaries for 2010”

  1. Hi!

    As I live in Sweden and my bookstores hasnt found out that notebooks is something great, I dont get much of Moleskines notebooks in my local bookstore.

    And the biggest internet bookstore wont get the Colour-a-month til april, which I think is strange.
    But I have some questions about it, if you have the time to answer them?

    First, is it worth buying the Colour-a-month? And is it specific to this year 2010? Or can you use it any year (like the dates are just a number and not number and day).

    Anyway, I found your site today, and I got so happy, as Im one of those addicted to notebooks too, even though Im bad at finish one before starting a new one. 🙂

  2. Hi Josefin,
    The Color-a-Month is specific to 2010, so if you can’t get one til April, I wouldn’t bother. I’m using mine but I’m not that happy with it– I keep wanting to switch to the daily planner so I’ll have the whole year in one book. I’ll probably write a more detailed post about this soon. Glad you found the site– welcome to the world of shared notebook addiction!!

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