Modified Notebook, 1980s

This is a strange example of my notebook obsession.

I took two spiral notebooks, removed the spirals, and then combined the pages into one thicker notebook with a taped spine. I probably coated the edges of the pages with rubber cement under the tape, and they are still held in quite well. The lines of the two notebooks were slightly different, and the pages weren’t even the exact same size, but I guess I liked the clean edge the tape provided, as well as the extra thickness.

There is no brand information on the covers left behind, but the cover indicates a shockingly low price of 5 for 99 cents, and the back cover says it was made in Taiwan.

As for the contents, fairly typical of those days– high school assignments, lots of doodling and practicing my snazzy signature, and the remnants of notes passed back and forth with friends, saying things like “I can see what you mean about how Heather and John hate each other,” which seems funny given that I still know those two people and can see that they’re friends on Facebook, 25 years later!

3 thoughts on “Modified Notebook, 1980s”

  1. Wow! I’ve unspiraled notebooks and bound them before. I just didn’t know anybody else did that. I use Pliobond (smelly, but effective, and the smell wears off), a layer or two of cheesecloth, and over that a piece of kraft tape. Weigh the whole thing down with a few telephone books, or if small enough, use a wooden clamp… and open a window.

  2. This is so great! I love your little anecdotes (e.g. the one about your friends hating each other – hah!)!
    Ahh, nostalgia….:)

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