Moleskine Monday: A Plea for XL Cahiers and Softcover Notebooks

Ever had that sinking feeling that your favorite notebook might have been discontinued? Here’s one person’s gripe at Moleskine:

Dear Moleskine,

I know in the past I’ve been a little upset, maybe even a little OCD/freaky about your decision to discontinue Extra Large Ruled Cahiers. To add insult to injury this year you introduced two new colors – blood red and navy – in addition to your regular black and cardboard cahiers. Again, without an XL Ruled Cahier in the lineup. I didn’t whine, though, until I discovered you’d also discontinued the XL Ruled Soft Cover books.

Sweet Jesus….

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2 thoughts on “Moleskine Monday: A Plea for XL Cahiers and Softcover Notebooks”

  1. I was disturbed by this as well and disappointed to see this go. I discovered that Kikkerland makes a WritersBlok notebook in the same size and style as Moleskines discontinued XL Cahiers. They have cardboard covers, measure 7½” x 10″ and come with 80 dotted or plain pages. They are packaged in sets of 3, just like the Cahiers and contain 1 blue, 1 black and one red in each pack. They are priced a little better, too. I currently have just a few of these dotted WritersBlok in stock at, but I am happy to order some for anyone who would like to give them a try.


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