Future; Nostalgic Reviews the Asda Executive Notebook

I was very interested in this notebook review at Future; Nostalgic: Review: Asda Executive Notebook.

I love the way this notebook has 3 sections in the back pocket! And the prices seem great too. Drawbacks: there is no pocket size version, and it’s only sold at Asda in the U.K.

7 thoughts on “Future; Nostalgic Reviews the Asda Executive Notebook”

  1. This notebook is really nice. The 3 sections in backpocket are really what make the notebook amazing. It wouldn’t really make sense to have it in a smaller size though because the sections in the back would be to small for anything.

  2. I am in the UK and have bought one of these recently. They are truely amazing things. I love the fact that every page is removable. I struggle to find use for one pocket let alone three, though I’m trying.

  3. Guys, just to let you know that there is an A6 size available. I also have an A5 which was on offer for Ā£2 a pop – just after Christmas but they don’t seem to be available now.

  4. Bought these for the first time a while back, bought some of the A4 ones, went back to get some more and they were selling for Ā£0.50, yes really bought them all, not found any others though, i have tried to look on line. The paper is better than Moles, but the case is not as good, get what you pay for i guess, great value!!!

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