Review: The Goldline Journal

Here’s a lovely notebook that I haven’t seen sold in very many places: the Goldline Journal.


It’s made by Tollit and Harvey of the UK, the same people who make the Guildhall notebook. I was never tempted to buy the Guildhall because the paper was lined, but the Goldline has plain paper, and a lovely faux-suede cover! How cool is it to have an off-white suede notebook? It seems so decadent and groovy, like something Austin Powers’ girlfriend might stash in her purple vinyl purse. Next to this baby, a Moleskine looks like a nerdy, bespectacled science teacher out of a 1950s film strip (not that that’s all bad).

Here’s how the notebook is packaged in the store, in a loose plastic bag rather than shrinkwrap.


Once you get the plastic off, it turns into a bit of a puzzle, as the elastic is trapped under the paper band in a way that makes it tricky to open. It’s not really that hard, but it would probably make a good sobriety test.

goldline notebook 62871
The back of the journal has the standard embossed logo. The holes for the elastic are a bit bigger than I’d prefer.
goldline notebook62872goldline notebook62877

Inside the front cover there are a few lines for you to write your name or other info. Inside the back cover is the usual expanding pocket.

goldline notebook62874

goldline notebook62876

The paper seems a little lighter than most– I would say it has more show-through than any other notebook I’ve reviewed thus far in my usual pen tests. The paper weight is not specified on the notebook or the company’s website.

goldline notebook62880goldline notebook62881

And here’s another distinguishing element: like the Guildhall tested by Black Cover, the Goldline has an extremely flexible binding. You can fold it back completely without it cracking, though I’m not sure why anyone would want to! I think the signatures are just a bit more loosely sewn than in other notebooks. The second image below shows a bit of separation but it was like that before I bent it.


The Goldline journal also comes in pink, lavender and light blue. Not to be sexist, but these are great gifts for girls– they’re cute without being too cutesy. I gave them to two adolescent nieces who seemed to really like them. The only retailer I know of that sells these in the US is Paper Access in New York. Pocket size 3.5 x 5.5″, price $11.95. Goldline notebooks are also available in a 130 x 210mm size, though I haven’t seen them at Paper Access. If anyone has spotted these at other retailers, please let me know!

6 thoughts on “Review: The Goldline Journal”

  1. I don’t think Paper Access is quite up to speed on e-commerce! Their website seems to focus on paper and invitations, etc, rather than the many art and stationery supplies and gift items they sell in their store. I’d suggest calling to see if they take phone orders if you can’t visit in person.

  2. So I am guessing these are not okay for watercolour? :'(
    I am looking for an alternative to a watercolour moleskine (preferly I would like a verticall bound one you see).

    I just thought that I would let people know that you can also buy them at :)!

  3. Louise, check out the HandBook Journals– the regualr ones aren’t too bad for watercolor and they come in a vertical format. They also make ones with watercolor paper in a more elongated style, very cool!

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