Notebooks in Good Times and Bad

Do you go through notebooks faster when you’re living through difficult, stressful times? I know I do. I just went through about a quarter of my current notebook in less than a week due to a very sad event. And I know that in other times, I’ve always tended to write more journal entries when I’m worried or upset about something than I do when life is just smooth sailing. Someday I’ll actually get scientific about this and graph the number of pages used per month, or something like that, to see all the ups and downs of my life without even having to re-read the journals…

5 thoughts on “Notebooks in Good Times and Bad”

  1. hugs to u hun. i also tend to go through more pages in journals and sketchbooks when i have a fire burning in a part of my life. perhaps its an attempt to get it all out so that peaceful feeling can return.

    take care.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that. Totally true though about so called comfort writing. although I did find with one particularly tragic event in my life it did cause me so much pain, I didn’t write at all after that – took me a while to get back into writing after that.

  3. My ex broke up with me over a month ago and I have been writing more than I usually do to write down all the emotions that I’m going through. It’s been helping a lot. I love that when my friends are M.I.A., i can always turn to my journal to let it all out.

  4. Definitely. Some of the most beautiful journals I’ve made have a lot less pages with nice things in them than those full of awful spew — against my father, the government, and unfortunately others who are not so deserving of my wrath. Better burn it before I die. It’ll leave a terrible impression. Be like the Nixon tapes.

    I also tend to write more when I am traveling.

    I like the idea of “comfort writing”, like comfort food? That’s a great idea. A big bowl of oatmeal with raisins and chopped walnuts and cream, and a journal and a really good fountain pen.

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