Annie Leibovitz’s Financial Meltdown: Notebooks Partially to Blame

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard the news that celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz is broke. But here’s a new detail: she spent a lot of money on expensive notebooks!

When [Leibovitz’s daughter] Sarah started eating solid food, a rigorous journaling policy was instituted, in which every bite and bowel movement was to be committed to an unlined black notebook purchased from the Swedish stationer Ordning & Reda. [Leibovitz’s assistant] regularly ordered replacement books from Stockholm so that the journaling could easily continue from one book to another. Once, when an order got lost in customs, Leibovitz insisted on having two notebooks sent from Stockholm via a special type of courier service called “quicking.” It was essentially like buying a seat for a parcel on the next plane. The shipping cost alone came to $800.

From New York Magazine: How Could This Happen to Annie Leibovitz

Another notable user of Ordning and Reda Notebooks: former British poet laureate Andrew Motion.

3 thoughts on “Annie Leibovitz’s Financial Meltdown: Notebooks Partially to Blame”

  1. Yes, I remember reading the article and then going to look for the Ordning & Reda website to see what these notebooks looked like. She’s got all of NYC to shop in and she’s got to order from Sweden? Amazing. What isn’t really explained is what she did with the $24 million she borrowed and is now on the hook for. When you add up the numbers, they don’t come anywhere close to that figure. I’m thinking she had a little something going on the side with a Quo Vadis Habanaand had to pay hush money.

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