Journals for Sale in Phoenix

Here’s an ad on Craigslist for a batch of brand new journals for sale in Phoenix:

I HAVE A BUNCH OF REALLY NICE JOURNALS THAT I’D LIKE TO HAND OFF TO SOMEONE FOR $50. They are leftover from a group and need to sell immediately. Please bring all offers!! View the pictures and see what a steal this is! I hate to see them go at a loss but I have no use for them anymore. Willing to break them up for $3-$4 a piece based on size.

Some are like faux suede and most have the Tri-Fold panels to open it up. Most of the smaller have bookmarks as you can see from the photo.

The ad was posted 1/21, so I’m not sure if these have been sold, but you can see more details and images at: Journals, Notebooks, Notepads, etc.

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