Notebook Addict of the Week: Sharp Words

This week’s addict is Catherine Sharp, a writer living in Northern Ireland. She got several comments on this article from people confessing that they shared her (our) addiction! I have to say, this may be the first time I’ve posted an addict photo where I couldn’t positively identify a single notebook brand! (I thought one might be Black & Red, but I’m not sure.)

I love buying notebooks. I buy them even when I don’t need them.

The photo shows the notebooks I found in my study. (Which admittedly is a large room, and I don’t think there are too many other notebooks lying around the house; maybe just 3 or 4.) As you can see, I like my notebooks to be hardbacked, or spiral-bound, or preferably both…

Out of the 12 there, 3 have never been used, and another 3 are currently blank because I ripped out the old unwanted scribbles that they had. (I didn’t lose anything meaningful – just Italian vocabulary lists, a few pages of holiday spending, and some old work notes.)

All the ones that have been used have some sort of history. Even the ones that haven’t have something about them. That grey, blue and red striped one in the middle? Bought in Asda for £1 the other week just because I liked the look of it. No idea what I’ll use it for.

Read more about each of the notebooks at Sharp Words: A strange obsession with notebooks.

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