Moleskine vs. Greenapple

Jessica compares a Moleskine sketchbook to a Greenapple notebook, a much less expensive brand found in the Philippines.

Her comments: different elastic, doesn’t open as flat, and the paper is whiter and coarser. Worth a try at about 1/4 the price of a Moleskine! (At least if you live in the Philippines.)

Has anyone else tried one?

Read the full review and see more photos at The Carnet Challenge | JessicarulestheUniverse

10 thoughts on “Moleskine vs. Greenapple”

  1. Greenapple isn’t generally a notebook I would choose but I came across one that is very good. It’s made of nice fake leather material that has delicate, discreet floral print (that’s hard to capture on cam!). It has a good cream paper and all the basic stuff: ribbon marker, pouch, elastic band. It’s so nice, I’m planning on buying another one in a diff color.

  2. Hey guys! I’m an art student from UP Fine Arts and I approve of the Greenapple notebook. I use it for quick sketches and studies for plates. Moleskine is a nice brand, but come one, let’s get real, guys–it’s too expensive. Greenapple is a more-than-satisfactory replacement.

  3. I’m a full time painter and i have just bought two greenapple journals from N.bookstore at q.ave. i bought the two because the were the last ones. i can’t compare then from moleskine ’cause i have never bought one but the greenapple ones are great. the paper is thick enough for watercolour rendering and coarse enough for pencil drawings. i prefer coarse paper to smooth. if anyone knows where to buy these journals please email me at

  4. Very happy with Greenapple, moleskine have a premium price supported by its branding but frankly they are not worth it. Greenapple FTW!

  5. I am a MultiMediaArts student and i’ve used 2 blank paged greenapple journals myself and I have come to love it! I got mine at Greenbelt Powerbooks on sale for about 200 a piece. Floral Black covers with elastic for a pencil or pen and elastic to close. It’s great for the buck, it’s thick enough for my watercolor renders and even some acrylic scribbles, great for pencil sketches and ink. But with one of my journals the binding got loose…maybe from the constant opening and closing since my notebooks also serve as my mini portfolio and for studies.

    Since I mainly practice Watercolor, I tried using water resist…paper didn’t work well with it. It started to tear parts of my painting when I tried to peal off the resist.

    I’d love to stock up on them, but I haven’t seen any lately. If anybody knows where to find them email me please at

  6. Argh, when can i buy these? Haven’t seen any sketchbook journal here in our area. Can anybody suggest online shops that sells sketchbook journal A5? Thanks

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