Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

  1. I don’t know if it is on your site somewhere, but do you have a picture of your full collection? Thanks for posting this pic, by the way. Green is one of the funnest colors, which still maintains a certain degree of professional demeanor. Purple is harder to pull off, unfortunately. I wish I could get away with purple ink at work.

  2. Hi Alex, I haven’t yet managed to photograph my whole collection. It’s big enough to be hard to display properly! But it is on my to-do list to at least attempt it! I’ve been wanting to replace the header photo on the blog with something that captures a broader range of my collection rather than the mostly childhood notebooks seen there now.
    And yeah, green is a good notebook color. Why don’t more people use it?

  3. No, I’ve never bought one of the silk Moleskines, they’re always so expensive! (Not that that stops me when I want something enough!)

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