Secret Shopper Photo: Pentalic Illustrator’s Sketchbook

Though I’ll never really ditch notebooks for my iPhone, I do find it very handy for on the go blogging! I snapped this photo of a notebook I’d never seen before, the Pentalic Illustrator’s Sketchbook. It’s another Moleskine look-alike, very different from the Pentalic A La Modeskin notebooks. I’ll do a full review later, but my first impression is that it’s rather nice, though the paper may prove to be on the thin side. I saw small notebooks in black and brown, and large notebooks in white stocked at Lee’s Art Shop in NYC. At $9.95 for the small size and $12.95 for the large, it’s much cheaper than Moleskine. Has anyone else tried one of these yet?

2 thoughts on “Secret Shopper Photo: Pentalic Illustrator’s Sketchbook”

  1. I prefer these over the Moleskin notebooks because you get a much higher page count with the same quality.

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