Clairefontaine Life.Unplugged. Notebook Elastic Band Hack

I hadn’t seen or heard of these Clairefontaine Life.Unplugged notebooks before reading this post: Ink Nouveau: Clairefontaine Life.Unplugged. Notebook Elastic Band Hack. They seem to be nice little cahier-style notebooks– they don’t come with an elastic, but you can add one if you’re handy with a glue gun!

See the original post for further steps.

The post also mentions a new style called “Roadbook.” These may be a bit more like Moleskine’s Volants, with a glued spine, though these offer the elastic closure the Volants lack.

You can see these in the latest Clairefontaine catalog here. Has anyone spotted these in stores yet? (They are available through Goulet Pens, the retailer associated with the Ink Nouveau blog.) I haven’t seen them in my usual NYC haunts, but I’ll be keeping an eye out!

5 thoughts on “Clairefontaine Life.Unplugged. Notebook Elastic Band Hack”

  1. I have a weird question and unfortnately not directly related to the post – I am looking for a really thick notebook – i.e. it has many many pages that is lined. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Nena, Picadilly Primo journals have 288 pages on high-quality paper, narrow lines. If you’re looking for more of a true notebook, Miguel Rius notebooks have 320 pages (160 sheets), and Eco Jot notebooks are pretty thick, too. Those are the first ones I could think of.

  3. I just simply can’t find a planner that is made out of eco friendly paper, has an elastic band and has a fun cover. They’re either boring looking, doesn’t have the elastic band, the paper isn’t eco friendly or it is not a planner but more like a journal. I’m asking for too much aren’t I?

  4. Hello – I’m researching the company Ordning & Reda for a student assignment and wonder if you’ve heard of it. If so, do you have an opinion on their products and materials they are made from that you can share?


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