Moleskine Monday: Pressed Flowers & Leaves from Mt. Hood

Moleskinerie linked to these beautiful images and I liked them so much I had to share it too: Mt. Hood Moleskine Journal.

I love the look of the pages with the light wash of color and pressed-in plants. I haven’t tried to save plants in a notebook like this since I was a kid and don’t really remember if there’s a trick to doing it– how do you make sure they stay in, other than lots of pressure on the notebook? How do you keep them from sticking to the facing page? Are certain kinds of paper better for doing this? I’m inspired to try it and would love some tips!

2 thoughts on “Moleskine Monday: Pressed Flowers & Leaves from Mt. Hood”

  1. these notebooks remind me of my own moleskine (from the look of it, I’d say the identical kind of moleskine!) that was my main notebook during my final year of high school… my first love used to pick a bit of lavender or other flower for me on a walk now and then and I would put it (no adhesive) into my notebook. The last time I went through my old notebooks i found them perfectly pressed, although some of the petal pigments had gone to the next page, so as to method I was lazy 🙂

    Thanks for a post that made me smile about a notebook I don’t like much – it was an awful year and an awful first relationship! 😉

  2. when i read this the first time i wondered the same things, how do you keep them in there and how do you dry them so your molie doesnt get moldie?

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