Moleskine Monday: Karl Rove Doesn’t Like Them

Karl Rove made a speech to the Yale Political Union, in which he held up a member’s two Moleskines as a sign of pretension:

The man known as “Bush’s Brain” doesn’t like the recent healthcare legislation, global warming or Moleskine notebooks…

“I have never before been in a group that was so obviously and clearly pretentious,” he said at the start of his speech. “Do you know how I knew it was pretentious? Moleskines!” he said leaning over to the table in front of the YPU president Conor Crawford ’12 and picking up two of the notebooks. “The president of the Yale Political Union has two black Moleskines! Oh, I’m sorry, a red one! How appropriate is that?”

Read more at Rove knocks health care, ‘pretentious’ YPU | Yale Daily News.

11 thoughts on “Moleskine Monday: Karl Rove Doesn’t Like Them”

  1. I reallly think Karl should invest in one, and make notes on what he says. That way he can review his notes before he speaks again. That way, he wouldn’t tell so many lies.

  2. Rove is right – given the high cost and sleight-of-hand marketing – the moleskines are pretentious. Not that I don’t have a few, especially the larger Folios.

    Lately, I’ve been using the Piccadilly notebooks available from Borders for a fraction of the price. And the paper is a heavier weight that the moleskines. That’s a major plus for the fountain pen user.

  3. I have been resisting Moleskines, but I feel it is my duty as an American to go out and buy one now in the interests of protecting my civil liberties.

  4. I don’t really care for the style of Moleskines but I really don’t care for any aspects of Karl Rove or his personality which is akin to being one of the universe’s biggest douchebags to ever live. Anyways wish the Yale guy he pointed out the Moleskines of would have told him to piss off. What a dick Rove is and who gives a flyin crap what he thinks anyways. I can’t even understand why Yale would invite him to speak at graduation. Must have been to highlight how not to go through life presenting oneself 🙂

  5. Let’s not forget the next paragraph of the article: “The room erupted into applause and laughter in response — only the first of many times Rove brought the room to a standstill with a one-liner.”

  6. This guy seems to be something of an idiot. On the other hand, the comment about the red Moleskine is at least fairly amusing. Our politicians are just dullards. Borges said that every country has produced great writers but that only England has produced a great literature. So it’s a shame that all of our politicians – and most of our public figures in whatever realm – are illiterate, humourless and unintelligent in the extreme.

  7. while quite pretty, i have found Moleskines are not adequate for me because the pocket sized model is a little bit too small and the next size too large and the paper is very poor for my needs.

    I have my notebooks handmade, to the exact measures i need, with a great variety of colors for the hardcovers and with the kind of paper i want, and its still cheaper than a Moleskine!

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