Moleskine Monday: Anne’s First

Anne is a teenage writer blogging at Phantasma, who writes

I got my first Moleskine notebook a few days ago. I had heard of these “legendary” notebooks, but only stared wistfully at them in Barnes and Noble. Never held one, never opened one, and certainly never wrote in one. But they’re beautiful. Robustly spare, no-nonsense, full of potential. I’m convinced there’s nothing more gorgeous than an empty Moleskine begging for words. Not even Johnny Depp.

Read more at My first Moleskine. | Phantasma.

It’s funny– they say you never forget your first… but I have totally forgotten mine, I guess because I’ve had so many! ;)

Do you remember your first Moleskine?

7 thoughts on “Moleskine Monday: Anne’s First”

  1. I remember my first because I still have my first, as well as all of my other 45 (or is it 46?) journal volumes. They’re not all Moles’ though.

  2. Wow! Thank you for using my post! I just saw the pingback in my inbox–what a pleasant surprise! :D

    Currently, that Moleskine is being used to store all of my NaNo-notes, character profiles, building sketches, random doodles, quotes, recommended music, etc. I’ve put a nice dent in it so far. It’s addicting to watch the pages fill up–I feel a great sense of accomplishment. ^^

    Thanks again!

  3. I remember my first – bought to chronicle a trip to England. I left it in a phone booth in King’s Cross Station, London my first day there. Had to buy another and call my Mum to get all the relative’s phone numbers I’d written in it.

  4. I am currently using my first! I don’t know why it took me so long to get one but I am so glad I did. This one that I am using as a journal has taken me no time at all to fill up!

  5. Got my first Moleskine last year and I take it with me everywhere. I like to jot down interesting stories that I see happening when I’m out and about. It’s fun to go back through the pages sometimes and rediscover things I’d totally forgotten.

  6. Congrats to her! I got my first one in Jan of this year , and I now have a collection of different moleskine products and journals.. I love them, my first was a sketchbook that I filled up as my first art journal! I have a journal addiction as well and this has just added to it ;-D

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