Change Your Journaling Paper

Anyone who keeps an art journal will enjoy this post. Roz recommends shaking up your creativity by simply trying a new kind of paper:

I’ve been writing about taking trips and mini-vacations. Well, now I want you to consider taking one away from your favorite paper. Or away from the paper you normally use, which isn’t your favorite, to one which you don’t believe you “deserve.”

For everyone this trip will look different. For some, who make their own books and use exactly the papers they want to use, it will mean taking up a book filled with cheaper paper, or making a book with paper that isn’t one of their favorites, or purchasing a book (like a Moleskine, or a Hand•book…).

For others, who buy commercially made journals this will mean buying a different brand, or “gasp,” making one of your own (and don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate structure—just a pamphlet structure is fine—it’s about the paper not the structure).

Which ever way you go, use that new paper for at least a week, and if you can stand it, use it for a month. Pick a paper that will allow you to use your favorite medium (for me that’s pen and ink). But go into this project knowing that if things go badly with the paper you might be using pencil, or a different pen—and that’s OK, because it’s about exploring. And it’s about sitting with something that might be ever so uncomfortable and working anyway!

A page from one of Roz’s journals:

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