Moleskine Monday: Which Pen to Use?

Journal Addict posts about testing a few different pens on Moleskine paper. Which ones did she like the best?

Pilot G2 – 0.7 and Uniball Signo 207, 0.7 – my favourites, and perfect for me. I don’t know if I like one of them better. I guess I will find out after more use. But the ink flows very smoothly. There is absolutely no roughness to it. Writing comes out properly black, dark, just as I like it, and 0.7 is definitely more suited to A LOT of writing.

I still swear by the Uniball Signo RT 0.38 myself– they have a fine point but are never scratchy.
What’s your favorite pen?

12 thoughts on “Moleskine Monday: Which Pen to Use?”

  1. uniPin Fine Line [0.3], Pilot G-2 [0.5], Artline Drawing Pen [0.4] — but, often, this ridiculously cheap locally [Philippines] made pen, M&G Office 0.5, which is roughly twenty cents. It’s inky, it flows, it’s fade-proof and water proof and it’s sooo cheap. I currently have five in my pencil case, haha.

  2. Rotring Esprit fountain pen (fine nib), mostly. I’ve been using a Lamy Al-Star recently, but if I’m honest, the medium nib is a bit large for my Pocket Moles.

  3. i use fountain pens: safari M & 1.1, MB chopin M, twsbi M and some pelikan M and F.
    the molskine paper is not the best for them (i prefer rhodia and clirefontaine paper) but i think that the point -for fountain pens- is the ink too.
    the same pen with a noodlers black, aurora blue or pelikan blue-black make a very big different results on moleskine. i prefer -on moleskine paper- pelikan and mb inks.

  4. I have to agree with the Pilot G2 07 and the Signo 207. I sort of prefer the Signo 207 micro over the normal 207 but both are great. Also at times I like the Pilot Precise V5. It makes my handwriting look better I think. But all four are great, they don’t bleed and the black doesn’t fade. Very nice to write with.

  5. Back in September, I found some Pilot G-2 0.38mm pens in black at Walmart of all places! I can’t stop using them and I love that I don’t have to place a big order to jetpens to get them!

  6. Pilot Prera Fountain Pens with Fine Nib – I have four of them: sky blue, gray, chocolate and white… and I love them:D writing is smooth and with very thin lines, also in Moleskines… in each of them is different ink from J.Herbin (gris nuage in gray, cafe des illes in brown, poussiere de lune in white, and favourite cacao du bresil in sky blue pen). I am not going anywhere without my notebook and pens:D

  7. I used Uniball Vision (micro) for 10~ years, nice permanent ink, comfortable (to me, there’s no ‘comfort grip’ though), easy to find and not too expensive. Any more though, I am pretty much just using pencils. They can be erased and cater to my tendency toward rituals (I see sharpening as a feature, not a chore!).

    Looking over pages before and after the switch, I really like the look of graphite on the manila paper a lot better than black ink.

  8. I use either a Lamy Safari or a Parker 41, both with outstanding results in my Moleskinne.

    I’ve used a couple ballpoint pens, gel pens and they are all fine, I suppose. But, it’s fountain pens for me as a rule.

  9. My favorite pen for at work is actually a Pilot Precise V5 RT. It has a fine point and dark ink and provides a seriously smooth feel when writing.

    My favorite personal pen is a pen I found at Borders and all I know about it is that it was made in Korea and that it is covered in some of the most adorable cartoon characters. I’m such a girl!

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