Notebook Addict of the Week: Jason

This week’s addict displays this nice neat pile of some of his “secret obsession”– notebooks:

Ever since I started drawing, I have been fascinated by books of blank white pages, i.e. Sketchbooks. A book devoid of all content, just waiting to be filled with anything. Throughout highschool I carried a sketchbook with me at all times after a friend of mine was doing the same. Granted, he drew more than I did and filled many books over the span of highschool, I only managed to filled mine half way. When I went to art school, I of course had to go to the school’s book store to get all of my books, not knowing that the same store was also the art supply store. Against one wall was stack after stack of empty, black, hardbound sketchbooks of all sizes and types. I was in heaven….

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2 thoughts on “Notebook Addict of the Week: Jason”

  1. I’ve always wanted to try a notebook that is bigger than 5″x8″. I love my 5×8 after I started using them, switching from all pocket size. I like the all black consistency. Very nice collection!

  2. Ha, thanks for linking to me! It was quite unexpected to see my photos in my RSS feed this morning. 😀
    I need to update that post to reflect my recent acquisitions though, including an N38 and N16 Dot Pad, a Quiver, Dot Grid Journal, a couple Doanes, and a few more Mole’s. I l like using larger pads at work for notes and such. I usually go to meetings with a Doane Idea Journal. If you want Big, that N38 is the biggest, and is a permanent scratch pad at my desk, helpful for mapping out network diagrams.

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