Notebook Addict of the Week: Tracy

This week’s addict has provided lots of info about her collection:
The Stack:

I took a picture of each of the journals, included purchasing information (if any), and a little about each. Starting from the bottom:

Sheet Music Journal

Duchessa Music Notes
I bought this journal from Barnes and Noble. It’s my my current journal and I love that it has a lot of lines (that are college ruled).

Cork Journal

Cork Journal
The one on the right is a real gem. Its cover is made of cork – a real unique material! I have yet to write in it, but I am so excited to. The paper quality is akin to moleskine paper, and the lining of the pages are college ruled – a real rarity. It’s size is 5 x 7, and has about 70 leaves, or 140 pages.

The one on the left (sits at the top) I use as a memo notebook: Dispatches Journal

[Note: These are the Michael Roger journals I just reviewed!]

Green and Turquoise Journals

I bought these two from Barnes & Noble a couple years ago. They’re made out of bamboo paper and were pretty cheap – I bought one on clearance.

Newspaper journal

I can’t find a brand, but I found it at a unique gift shop. I believe it was made in India, as the cover is an Indian newspaper.

Recycled paper Journal

Recycled Paper Journal
I can’t wait to get to this journal next! It’s a journal full of mismatching and recycled paper. Even though I bought the one in the link, if you browse her shop, I believe you can find another one that is very similar.

Paperblanks Stained Glass Window

Paperblanks Journals
I love the coptic binding, and the stained glass window design is gorgeous. My only complaint – lines are wide rule.

Blue Swirls Journal

I bought this journal about ten years ago at Borders, so I doubt they carry it any longer. I love the blue foil edges and the antique-looking spine.

Cahiers and Volants – pretty standard issue.

Paisley Print

This paisley print journal I bought at Barnes & Noble about three years ago, and haven’t seen any since. I

Flower Stitch

This one I also purchaed at Barnes & Noble, about two years ago. This was my first unlined journal – took some getting used to.

Wow, that is quite a collection! Lots of colors and textures and patterns. Thank you for sharing, Tracy!

6 thoughts on “Notebook Addict of the Week: Tracy”

  1. Wow, that blue-swirl journal brings back memories! I also bought one ~10 years ago at Borders, and filled it up in my last years of middle school. (Probably in purple ink, knowing my stationery habits at the time!) It’s chilling with a stack of other journals in the back of my closet at my parents’ house…

    Love the paisley, music, and flower-stitch ones, too – we seem to have similar tastes!

  2. Very nice collection.

    I love the chunky leather journals from Barnes & Noble. I almost bought the one with the music notes on it, but got the one w/the tree print on it instead. Beautiful.

    I actually like unlined journals too. I go back and forth. Sometimes lined, sometimes not.

    Again nice stack!

  3. I used one of those blue swirl journals as a sketchbook in middle school. I loved it so much, and I still do now. I take it out every once in a while and just look at it. I so wish they still made those because I think they’re my perfect journal.

  4. I, too, bought a journal at Borders similar to the blue swirl one. I’m just now using it as my 2011 journal. I, too, regret that I didn’t get more. It’s a pleasure to use.

    Great journal collection!

  5. The one made with recycled newspapers might be the same ones sold at a store called Earthbound Trading Company. There are several locations in the Southeast US – not sure where else.

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