Ryman Notebook

Yet another proprietary brand notebooks, this time from UK office supply store Ryman’s. I keep thinking there must be just a few factories in China that churn out identical notebooks and people just slap their own branding on them! This one looks like it has a soft, smooth cover similar to the Monologue notebook I reviewed. But here it’s in a nice brown color.

Anyway, I’m not complaining– the more brands of notebooks, the better, even if some of them are the same underneath the wrapper!

More details here: Ryman Notebook A6 Ruled Soft Feel 192 Pages 96 Sheets.

5 thoughts on “Ryman Notebook”

  1. Hello Nifty. On the strength of your SIM notebook plug I just ordered some! Good to see UK suppliers getting a look in at last even if Ryman’s pocketbook is a moly-me-too. Have you seen the Jordi Labanda A5 Miquelrius sketchbooks that are being sold on line by Sally at http://www.newroomsonline.co.uk? From her blog she sounds like our sort of gal! Best wishes, Colin [Margate Kent]

  2. I use these in both black and brown and a6 and a5 format. They take my fountain pen and gel pens in their stride. I love them – far superior to moleskine in my opinion. (sorry all). And they’re currently buy one get one free!

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