Egyptian Notebooks

I got a nice email from a reader named Cordice, who shared a link to some photos of notebooks bought in Egypt. I always love to see notebooks from countries I haven’t been to yet! Here’s what Cordice had to say:

I want to send you a picture of some delicious notebooks i hunted down in Egypt back in 2000.  I spent a few months in a little oasis town called Al-Fayoum and i spent most of my time searching all the little stationary and corner stores — there are a gazillion of them — for notebooks.  I also hit a major stationary store near the center of Cairo on a subsequent trip, and although i got some good notebooks there too (the thickest ones in the photo) my favorites are the skinny ones.  They remind me of some notebooks my father used in Paris back in the 50’s (well, i don’t remember them myself but i saw them many years late) when he was studying medicine there.

You can see more photos of some other colorful Egyptian notebooks at COOL LINKS YOU MAY LIKE. Thanks again to Cordice for sharing these!

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