Notebook Addict of the Week: Brett

This week’s addict admits he is a notebook junkie:


I may have a problem.

My obsession with notebooks started early. My first love was a perforated Mead notebook (non-spiral). I was a budding cartoonist during elementary and middle school and the fact that I could cleanly remove my creations was a big deal.  Not to mention all the sketch books I’ve owned.

By the time I reached high school specificity crept in and my selections needed to meet certain criteria. Number one on the list was it had to be college ruled. The second condition being that it needed to be manufactured by Mead.  This is a preference that follows me to this day. The Five Star series was my favorite.

I fell in love with Mead brand Composition books during the summer after my junior year.  A 180 degree turn from my previous opinion. This was due to the wide-ruled, non-perforated pages.  I saw “Se7en” and realized their journaling potential. A little twisted admiration for a fictional serial killer, I know, but look at that penmanship.

Now, years later, I’ve managed to marry all of these preferences into a good working system of journaling, list-making and general note taking. The most recent addition to my writing family being the Field Notes brand notebooks.

Everyone in my sphere of influence knows my fervor for Field Notes.  I’ve made converts of my coworkers with County Fair editions; I gifted them Michigan and Indiana 3-packs respectively.  I dubbed us the “Tri-State Syndicate.” The geekiness is infectious….

Yep, that’s a disease we all suffer from!

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  1. I had an intense admiration for all of those notebooks in Se7en. I mean not what they posaibly contained. But the sheer volume of notebooks and the way they were displayed.

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