Notebooks for Home and Family Organizing

The Unclutterer recently re-posted one of her articles about using notebooks to organize your family and home life:

Notebooks are great because they keep all of your important papers in one place and they are easily portable. In our home, we have a recipe notebook, appliance notebook (instruction manuals, purchase receipts, maintenance and repair receipts, and warranty information), and important information notebooks for all four of us (our cat even has one).

We store these notebooks in a place where we can find them quickly, easily spot if someone hasn’t returned the notebook to its shelf after use, but in an area that has minimal guest traffic. Our personal notebooks are valuable to us and we would be devastated if we lost them, so most of the information in them has also been scanned and then the files backed up online.

I recently bought a cardboard portfolio to house a lot of my manuals and warranties, as I found them a bit unwieldy to try to put in any sort of notebook or binder. I have a small notebook where I’ve started to keep a list of furniture and rug measurements and floor plans for a redecorating project. I’ll also paste in clippings and color swatches, and maybe even some photos of the room I’m working on so I’ll have a visual reference when I shop.
How about you? Do you use notebooks to organize household projects and family information?
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