Moleskine Monday: The Great Dilemma

Here’s a blogger sharing a concern of many buyers of upscale notebooks:

What should I write in here? I just spent $10 on this notebook – I’m not going to waste the space on things that don’t count.

I have heard this particular concern from countless Moleskine converts. Because the books are so nice (yes, I love the silky paper and the magic secret pocket, too), there’s a natural tendency to try and protect them from the random musings of our brains.

Stop that! Stop it RIGHT NOW!

You heard me, folks. The Moleskine notebook is awesome. It’s beautiful. It’s $10. But above all else: it’s for you to write in – whatever that may yield.

The reason that we spend $10 on nice notebooks is that they entice us to write. Do so, and do so with reckless abandon. After all, you spend more than $10 on lunch. Fill that puppy up, and get that melon empty.

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3 thoughts on “Moleskine Monday: The Great Dilemma”

  1. the first thing I do when i crack open a moleskine is i fill out the first page and then doodle all over it. Then I dump paint/ink on a page and make sure I get some paint covered finger prints on the cover. once it’s partially beaten in I care less about filling it full of anything that comes to mind.

  2. I love the smell of a freshly opened notebook. The sensual feel of the crisp clean pages and how lovely it looks with it’s new brothers and sisters on my book self.

    Then I crack it open to hear that first spine crunch and the invitation from the first page that softly whispers “write on me, drawn on me, share your secrets with me.”

    How can I resist an invitation like that.

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