Piccadilly Notebooks Now in Colors

The latest new development from the folks at Piccadilly: colored versions of their Essential Notebooks.

They’re only available in lined versions, at least so far. And I guess they’re only available through Piccadilly’s online store now that Borders is going out of business! I hope they’ll find some other retailers to work with soon…

3 thoughts on “Piccadilly Notebooks Now in Colors”

  1. While thousands of Borders Books employees are losing their jobs over the next few weeks, your local Borders may have their stock of Pickies on deep discount.

    Molies are only 10% off this week (07-26-2011). Should go deeper as the liquidations progress.

    david boise ID

  2. So, I know you’re the notebook guy. Any news if Piccadilly found a new retailer? I really loved how inexpensive and beautiful their notebooks were. I know Moleskin’s now selling at Target. Maybe Piccadilly will too?

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