Moleskine Monday: A Hand-Crafted Cover

I was very impressed by this beautifully crafted Moleskine cover, made by an artist named Jennifer, as a birthday present for her husband. What a great gift!

Read and see more here: a Red Pumpkin Studio: Happy Birthday Moleskine Cover.

It’s a shame Jennifer doesn’t sell Moleskine covers like this one, but you can see other items including journals at her Etsy shop

One thought on “Moleskine Monday: A Hand-Crafted Cover”

  1. Who knew you could make a Moleskine practically respectable by prettying up the cover? I love the pen loop — I’m forever hooking pens onto my notebooks and you just can’t do that with a Moleskine unless you stick it to the elastic band. That’s what I do, but I’d love a pen loop.

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