Moleskine Monday: A Chocolate Journal??

Ok, I think these Passions journals are starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel a bit. How many people really need a whole separate notebook to keep track of the different kinds of chocolate they eat? The answer, I suppose is that no one really needs such a journal. A few people might want one. But what is most likely to happen is that a bunch of people will buy this as a gift for someone when they are truly out of other ideas, and they’ll think “oh, so and so loves chocolate! They’ll like this…” and it will end up being one of those gifts that gathers dust in a drawer somewhere.
But that’s just my opinion! Would you use a chocolate journal?


Read more at Moleskine Chocolate Journal | Notebooks and Journals Moleskine Original Collection.

11 thoughts on “Moleskine Monday: A Chocolate Journal??”

  1. I would not use a chocolate notebook, though I suppose some folks might like it for the recipes. And it’d make a nice gift along with a subscription to one of those chocolate-of-the-month clubs.

  2. Totally agree with you. I’m a chocolate lover for sure, but I feel no need to document anything regarding it. How far will they take this? Steak lover, cupcake lover, some people are really passionate about bacon…

  3. I’ve tried to wrap my head around this, and I just don’t get it. I mean, I see where they were coming from, but just, no. I don’t understand it.

  4. I actually have a journal dedicated to chocolate. This one does not seem to be a journal for tasting chocolate, simply a recipe book…not useful for me.

    My chocolate journal contains labels and business cards from all the chocolate bars & shops I have tasted/visited. With each label is a tasting breakdown of what I thought of the chocolate. If you think you are a true fan of chocolate, check out an online chocolate journal ( to find something new to try.

  5. I think Moleskine jumped the shark when they came out with the passions notebooks, and have gotten sillier ever since.

    What they need is the Notebooks passion notebook, to keep track of notebook experiences. Just kidding!

  6. So is this chocolate journal for recording only stuff about chocolate?? That might be good for someone like a pastry chef who specializes in chocolate and likes to be organized.

    I don’t use specific journals like that, though. I like journals with blank lined pages in which I can use it for writing anything I want. But since I love chocolate, I would definitely use a journal with blank lined pages that smelled like chocolate!

  7. I would take the over-priced value and buy some good chocolate, I’ll get much more enjoyment from the money.

  8. Yeah, the Passions journals are bit too gimmicky.

    I’m interested in several subjects: writing, productivity, books, fitness/health, etc… But I don’t need a journal formatted by someone else to help me keep track of them. Any time I’ve come across one of these specialty notebooks they’re never formatted exactly the way I want. I find it’s better to use blank notebooks & customize them (if need be) to fit my personal needs.

  9. I admit to having a beer journal, which probably excludes me from commenting negatively on this!

    Mostly labels from small & local breweries, with musings on what I thought of the beer…

  10. Just to be clear, I don’t think there’s anything weird about keeping journals on very specific topics, be it beer, chocolate, or a notebook about notebooks, as someone else suggested. Everyone has their enthusiasms and I of course believe that every enthusiasm deserves a notebook! But I draw the line at pre-printed notebooks with specific formatting devoted to arcane topics. As others have said, no one format is going to be right for everyone, so a generic blank notebook you can customize yourself probably makes more sense.

  11. I would use this journal, actually. I already have a notebook that I keep my own recipes and comments on chocolate treats that I try. This notebook is probably for people that make chocolate and chocolate treats as a hobby, the enthusiasts.

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