Western Suede-covered Diary from 1949

This unique item was a Christmas gift to me from one of the few people who knows I’m obsessed enough with notebooks to write this blog. Of course I was thrilled when I opened the wrapping paper and saw it:



The notebook is about 4×6″, with what appears to be a hand-painted suede cover. I was even more thrilled when I opened that cover and saw this:


I couldn’t believe the notebook was that old– the spine is quite stiff and there are slight stains around the snap, but it’s otherwise in perfect condition and in no way looks like it’s over 60 years old!


The inside front cover image is funny. I love how it says “Diary for Everyday,” as if “everyday” is when you see a shirtless Adonis lounging amidst Greek ruins while he gazes at his diary. Meanwhile, you’ve got someone taking a siesta on the front– it seems a bit incongruous, and I suspect some enterprising person bought a bunch of plain-looking diaries and glued them into these suede covers so they could sell them as a tourist item.

More interesting details from within:


So handy to have a place to write the lodges you belong to!

It’s just amazing that this ended up on EBay, and that someone snagged it for ME! Thanks again, Danny!

2 thoughts on “Western Suede-covered Diary from 1949”

  1. I want one! Love those old journals. Will you actually write in it? I purchased an old account ledger years ago, but have never had the temerity to subject it to my mundane thoughts and scratchy writing.

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