Moleskine Monday: First Page

I was browsing around on Flickr and found this image that mentioned that it was the person’s first Moleskine page.  It made me wonder what mine was, so I dug around in my boxes of notebooks to find it…

I started my first Moleskine sketchbook sometime in 2001, I think. The very first page is a bit too personal and embarrassing to post here (and not interesting anyway), but here is the next one:

Not sure what I was referring to. Here’s the page after that:

I remember I was in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, in a sort of valley where there wasn’t the least hint of a breeze on a humid summer day. I think the guy I drew had been running and just took off his shoes and threw himself down on the grass to rest.

Do you remember your first Moleskine page?


3 thoughts on “Moleskine Monday: First Page”

  1. Yes, it was a highly melodramatic reflection on my then long-distance boyfriend (now husband) and numbered the cigarettes I smoked that day.

    Barf. Oh memories.

  2. It was a written vow to not use my new Moleskine journal as an angst-ridden cesspool…which ultimately turned out to be 240 pages of an angst-ridden cesspool. (sigh!)

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