Constellation & Co. Sketchbooks

On a recent visit to the McNally Jackson bookstore in NYC, I noticed these very cool letterpress notebooks featuring various constellations on the cover:

Covers are letterpress printed on 100% recycled chipboard with Japanese washi tape detail on the bound edge. Interior pages are cream colored and unlined.

Size: 5.25″ x 3.5″
Pages: 120


I love the design, and the inside is full of creamy unlined paper. I would have bought one, but I choked a bit at the $20 price. But I guess that’s what a hand-made in the US notebook is going to cost you these days! And they’d make a great gift for anyone who’s into astronomy.

If you aren’t in NYC, you can buy them on Etsy.

See more at Constellation Sketchbooks — Constellation & Co..

2 thoughts on “Constellation & Co. Sketchbooks”

  1. While it looks like the books are sewn, rather than perfect-bound, I’d be wary of the washi binding at the spine. It would probably self-destruct fairly quickly, especially as the small size will force more flex to make it usable.

    Cute, yes, but not very durable, I’m afraid.

  2. Actually, I should have asked, since you clearly picked this up and held it–did it seem sturdy?

    Apologies. I just spent my morning fixing broken books, so I’m extra-sensitive about construction at the moment. No disrespect intended toward the seller of these books, just a cautious curiosity.

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