Notebooks in Your Car

Do you keep a notebook in your car? If so, where do you keep it? If you buy a Volkswagen CC, you can have a special place for it in the small driver’s-side glove compartment, as shown in their brochure:

The notebook looks like the Markings notebooks you can find at Staples and Target. For a kind of upscale car, you’d think they might have picked a fancier brand! Though it could also be a Guildhall, which might be more likely if they shoot their promotional photos in Europe where the car is built. Either way, I suppose it has the look they were going for with the stitched edge and brown leather-look cover that coordinates well with the dash upholstery. Can anyone identify the pen?

4 thoughts on “Notebooks in Your Car”

  1. I keep post-it notes in my car, usually so I have something to put on the audiobooks I return to the library after discovering one of the discs is too scratched to play properly. But I always have a notebook in my purse and the backpack I take to work and my gym bag, so I am never without something to write on. 🙂

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