Notebook Addict of the Week: WONDERRRGIRL

Here’s an addict I found while just surfing around the internet. Wonderrrgirl is a student from Singapore. She loves notebooks, and she takes beautiful notes in them!

Wonderrrgirl says:

This post is about notebooks. It’s half of the collection of all the notebooks that I’ve kept in my life (I’m really too lazy to drag everything out to show them here). I love buying notebooks and keeping them, sometimes using the entire book, sometimes writing on a page or two and then forget all about it. Sometimes just buying and not using it at all for years.

See more at I love notebooks « WONDERRRGIRL. Her note-taking style makes everything look so fun and interesting. Makes me want to go back to school!

3 thoughts on “Notebook Addict of the Week: WONDERRRGIRL”

  1. Hello, thanks for the mention here! I didn’t know my note taking habits are ‘nice’ because I always thought my hand writing is quite messy and ugly. 🙂 I love to keep notebooks though! I have so many but I just can’t stop buying them ^^

  2. The writing is great, I wish I had kept notes as copious as that in college but I mostly used OneNote on my laptop. My biggest problem is all that highlighting though, I guess I’m in that camp that thinks that when you overhighlight you’re not really highlighting anything at all.

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