Moleskine Monday: Hobbit Limited Edition Coming Soon

Looks like some Hobbit-themed Moleskines are on the way.

Read more at The Hobbit Limited Edition Moleskine Notebooks Are Coming Soon.

7 thoughts on “Moleskine Monday: Hobbit Limited Edition Coming Soon”

  1. I just thing they should make my favorite soft cover moleskines in different solid colors. They would look so pretty on my shelf. :o)

  2. Saw this 2 nights ago and then lucked out at my local Barnes & Noble! I Picked up the Large Ruled version! It’s awesome. The “please return to” instead says:
    “Please return this journal to your humble servant” and underneath all that is a signature line that says “having the honour to remain yours deeply.” in a nice Hobbit like font.
    The map is double sided, one is the Wilderlands and the other is Thror’s map, printed on Moleskine paper.

    I want 13 more. (One for each dwarf.)

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