Notebook Addict of the Week: Iris

This week’s addict blogs at Life and House, where she shared these photos and comments about her notebook addiction:

Everyone has their guilty pleasures, right? Usually it’s in food (mine’s licorice), but I have a secret addiction to notebooks too. Being a student and having a stationary store right across the road, I often have the temptation to add some to my collection, although I can keep it in control quite easily (a student budget makes you :P ).

Above are most of my (nice-looking) notebooks. I have them in various sizes and colors, from different countries. These are the ones I have here in my student house, while there must be stacks more at my parents’ place.

The classic black leather notebooks from Moleskine are my favorites. I prefer the soft-shell ones, although the top one has a hard cover. That one is the Wellness edition in the Passion series, which I use for tracking my sporting activities, diet and weight loss. I love the printed cover! Other Moleskines I have are either normal lined notebooks (for medical notes) or agendas (though I’ve changed to digital calendars now). I love the type of paper, the leather covers and the little expandable pocket in the back….


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