Sloane Crosley’s Yearly Date With the Planner

A fun New York Times article by Sloane Crosley. She’s been using the same Louis Vuitton planner and inserts for 22 12 years and counting:

At the end of each year, I sit on the floor and go page by page through the old calendar, inking annual events into the new one, all the while watching my year in “dinner withs” skate by. When I’m done, I save the old calendar in the box of the new one and put it with the others on a shelf. It should be simple. But this way of life comes at a price.

As a genuinely absurd indulgence, I buy only the Louis Vuitton refills. The agenda itself is the one item I own from the brand, and my commitment to the gold-trimmed paper transcends reason. The price has increased to $50 from $20. To put it in perspective: In 2001, $20 seemed like an outrageous sum for a pile of hole-punched paper. I remember the first time I approached the stationery counter at the Louis Vuitton flagship on Fifth Avenue. I was awash in a kind of Swiss cheese outrage: There are holes in it! It’s not even all of the paper! Years later, in 2013? Filofax sells a refill with the same measurements … for $7.

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  2. I’m glad to finally know that I am not the only person who does this every year. My planner of choice is a Franklin/Covey. I use the day to reflect on the entire year, not only do I add the important dates to my new planner, but I also read the journal entries I’ve made in it (yeah, my calendar pulls double duty.) When I shake loose the coils of this mortal realm, my poor daughter is going to have to read through years of journals just to make sure no embarrassing family items get out. 🙂

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