Notebook Addict of the Week: DreamerO

This week’s addict also emailed me photos of her excellent notebook collection, with some commentary:

I enjoy pocket journals, the saddest part is that they run out of pages so soon and I always feel like I’m abandoning a best friend when I have to start a new one. My pet peeve is that I don’t like Moleskine notebooks because I hate the way regular ink smudges on smoother higher quality paper, and the edges have to rounded otherwise the notebooks feels unfriendly.

I’d love to know if there are others who love pocket notebooks, and if they use them as journals or only for short note taking.

Here you can find more pictures of my lovely little collection:



my pocket notebook collection pocket notebook s- DreamerO

I love seeing them all piled up. I’m also intrigued by the contrast in this collection– a lot of addicts either have wild variety, with no two alike and lots of colors and patterns, and others use the same notebook type over and over, often plain covered ones. This collection is sort of half and half! Thanks for sharing your addiction, DreamerO!

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  1. Oceanfullofbottles they have some at office depot they are called fashion journals they come in soft flexi cover or hard bound they’re 4.99 swinton ave trading company distributes them. They are pretty good quality they have a lot of color choices!! I have a small collection of them pocket size and medium size. And a whole ton of comps from back to school sales.

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