Moleskine Monday: Postal Notebook

A couple of links about Moleskine’s Postal Notebooks:
A review at Inktronics: Special Guest Post by Bogon07 Moleskine Postal Notebook

The review is hand-written in the notebook itself, over several pages including the one below:

The bleed-through looks pretty bad with those fountain pen inks, so using other types of pens or pencils is recommended.

And a short post at the book publishing blog Galleycat (hat tip to Paul Evans for sending me the link): Moleskine Postal Notebooks Combine Writing Book & Letter

They talk about these notebooks being a nice way to rekindle an interest in letter-writing, particularly in the age of social media:

Earlier this summer, Michele Filgate wondered “Will social media kill writers’ diaries?“ I think letter-writing is a casualty of that same impulse. We spend so much time reading and writing fractured pieces of our experience that we forget to tell our story in the broad strokes of a diary or letter.

I like the idea of sending a letter in this tidy little format, though I’m not sure I’d actually do it, mainly because the person I would write to at that length would probably be with me on the trip! With other friends and family, I’m more likely to send a postcard, and even that starts to feel strange if you’re traveling in a place where you’re able to post instant updates on social media. But I have to say, I wish other people’s letters to me over the years had been written in these. Letters are so messy to store! I used to have shoeboxes full of them, as well as accordion files and inter-office envelopes. Some were unfolded sheets, others were still folded into envelopes. The envelopes themselves were often decorated, and it was nice to see a variety of stamps, and to be reminded of old addresses where my friends and I used to live. When I went through my old letters, I was awestruck at the creativity that was put into them, and the thoughtfulness and intimacy of that communication, even with some fairly casual acquaintances. But I felt like I was starting to live in a firetrap with all that paper! I had to get rid of a lot of them. But small notebook-sized items are so easy to organize and appealing to the eye and hand. If someone went through the trouble and expense to send me a letter in a Moleskine Postal Notebook, I’d probably keep it forever.

5 thoughts on “Moleskine Monday: Postal Notebook”

  1. Personally I like these as gifts for my friends who travel because they can write in during the trip, and include little bits of stuff, before posting it off as a package with a local stamp on…
    … or keep them with ticket stubs, and other ephemera for themselves as a sort of ‘My holiday’ mini journal.

  2. Those Moleskine Postal Notebooks are delicious! Such glee I’d feel receiving one of those in the mail. As for filling one out and sending it, I’d be terrified of messing it up with unsightly crossings out, but that probably wouldn’t (won’t) stop me.

  3. Thanks for the links, nifty. I’ve been waiting to see reviews since it is doubtful any retail outlet in my area will stock these little rascals. Looks like I can order a bucket full with cofidence from teh molie store.

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