Notebook Addict of the Week: D Murphy

This week’s addict contacted me by email to share this photo:

d murphy notebooks addict

I love this collection– the almost architectural way they’re stacked and shelved, the consistency of notebook types and date/subject labeling. And many of them have a nice worn in look– not totally beat up, but that slightly dingy and soft look that comes from frequent use. And the sheer massiveness of the collection! I think I counted 136 notebooks! I’d love to know more about what’s inside…

I’m guessing most of these (aside from the composition books) are Moleskines, but some also look like they could be Markings, Piccadilly or softcover Miquelrius notebooks. There are some two-packs in the still-wrapped pile at top left that I think could be Clairefontaine, or perhaps Fabriano.  It’s fun trying to detect the subtle differences in a collection like this! Thank you D Murphy for sharing your addiction!

4 thoughts on “Notebook Addict of the Week: D Murphy”

  1. Oh, this is drool-worthy.

    I love the consistency in color and overall style.

    I see a book labeled 1975. Is this many decades worth of journaling? Wow. I see Sharpie-labeled books going back to 2007. Even that is quite a lot of writing. Nice.

  2. Thank you so much for the comments, I feel quite honored to have been featured as an addict!

    The 1975 journal is the only journal I have that belonged to my grandfather. He started it in the 70’s and then left off for a few years, coming back and writing more in the late 80’s. Quite possibly my most valuable book!

    The composition books are mostly work related and the remainder are personal, mixed between moles, Picadillys and Im not sure what. I have had a ball filling them and, looking back through them, never cease to be amazed at how my own clumsiness and stupidity is occasionally interspersed with grace and genius!

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