Notebook Addict of the Week: LizAnne

This week’s addict emailed me some great photos of her collection, with her own notebook story going along with them:

I’ve been following your blog for a little over six months now. I was so tickled to find a community of notebook lovers just like me.
I think I’m a great candidate for Addict of the Week! I’ve been waiting until the Christmas holiday to send you pictures of my collection, as I only had half of my collection with me here in San Francisco where I live now. The rest of my journals were in my parents’ house in Tulsa, OK where I grew up. I recently returned from the holidays with them, and I flew the rest of my collection back with me! It’s really neat to see all the books together.
The first photo I’ve attached is all my journals in order of use. (Aside from the top row which are “miscellaneous use” notebooks –  my story notebook, a journal my mom wrote to me as a baby, two ballet-only journals, my teddy bear journal full of quotes, my black spiral sketchbook full of cartoons, my pink current five year journal on top of the one I received as a Christmas gift, my “Keep Calm and Carry On” journal from my best friend that I used as a wedding planner last year, and finally a blank journal my dad gave me for Christmas.)
When I was six, my Dad bought me the yellow “My First Diary” on a random trip to the mall. Little did we know how much I would love writing in a diary! I started that diary on 8/23/1990 and have not stopped since!
The second and third photos are from my first diary. I wasn’t writing very much when I started journal keeping so I drew pictures and sometimes would fill in sentences my mom would write in for me.



I went through a brief phase where I named my diary as seen in the fourth picture. I read and was greatly inspired by “Zlata’s Diary” written by a young girl in Sarajevo.

At the beginning of my journal keeping I would happen upon journal after journal I just HAD to have. I would then lose interest in finishing the journal I was writing in. Somewhere in the blue and orange sun journal I decided that I would never buy a journal until I’d finished the one I was currently using. This has been a lovely ritual for me. It heightens the sense of anticipation in purchasing a new journal. I love to spend minutes on end opening and holding each potential new journal. And that moment I walk out of the store holding my new journal; it’s magical!

I have been interested in collecting quotes for quite a while, in each new journal I write one that seems extra relevant to my current life on the first page. The fifth picture I’ve attached is my current journal’s quote.
Last but not least, I’ve attached a journal entry from July 2013. You can see I’ve been plotting my campaign for Notebook Addict of the Week for months now!
Thanks so much for your wonderful blog! Here’s to a happy New Year full of notebooks!

A couple more photos of the collection:


It’s a great assortment, and I love the stories about the childhood roots of her love for notebooks. Thanks for sharing your addiction, LizAnne!

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  1. These are lovely. I remember reading Zlada’s Diary in middle school, it was one of many that inspired me to keep a journal. Harriet the Spy was the film that inspired me to write when I was a child, and I filled a look of notebooks from the age of 10 to 18. Once I reached my 20s, I started journaling less frequently.

    It’s great to read your story and others, and learn about the inspirations and events that lead to our journaling habits.

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